How to choice table lamp for kids

How to choose a study table lamp to ensure that it does not cause glare and stay away from the phenomenon that the eyes must regulate too much? Moreover, what are the criteria to consider when hunting this product line? The following sharing will soon help you find the ultimate anti-access desk lamp , durable as expected.

How to choose a study table lamp to ensure that it does not cause glare and stay away from the phenomenon that the eyes must regulate too much? Moreover, what are the criteria to consider when hunting this product line? The following sharing will soon help you find the ultimate anti-access desk lamp , durable as expected.

What is anti-access desk lamp?

What is anti-access desk lamp

What is anti-access desk lamp

1. Definition

Desk lamp is a line of lights with the ability to adjust the brightness / darkness to help readers avoid glare, glare, affecting vision.

2. Structure of anti-access desk lamp

On the market today there are many anti-access study desk lamps. Depending on each product, the structure of the product varies quite significantly. However, most of these devices have the general structure including:

  • The first part, the switch or the controller

  • The second part, the swivel system is arranged on the lamp body

  • The third part is light bulbs (made from many types) with lighting effects combined with anti-glare, better vision protection.

3. What types of desk light bulbs are there?

What kind of study table lamp

What kind of study table lamp

Light bulbs are considered the "soul" of the study lamp, this is also the part you need to pay attention to when choosing this product line. Accordingly, the study light bulb is now divided into 03 main lines, including:

Incandescent bulbs

In 1879, Thomas Edison successfully created the first incandescent light bulb, opening a new era for mankind. This traditional lamp has the oldest history, is currently used the most. Lights work by the principle of using electricity to create thermal energy and then convert into photovoltaic.

Compact fluorescent light bulb

Fluorescent lamp is a small type of tube light with a light cover covered with fluorescent powder. Inside the body of the lamp is pumped a little Mercury and inert gas (Neon, Argon ...) in order to increase the product's durability.

LED light

This is the latest type of birth but has many advantages. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. 

Why should you use anti-access desk lamp?

Why should use anti-access desk lamp

Why should use anti-access desk lamp

The latest information from the seminar on "Prevention of school refractive errors" in 2019 shows that up to 3 million american children are suffering from refractive errors. In which children aged 6-15 years old with nearsightedness are increasing. Specifically, this figure in rural areas is about 10-15% while in urban areas it increases from 20-40%.

The American Ophthalmology Institute is forecasting that by 2050 there will be about 4 billion people in the world with nearsightedness. This means that the number of people with near-sightedness will quadruple compared to the present, which is approximately 10% of the population suffering from vision-related diseases.

This is also the reason for the need to buy anti-access study lamp more and more. Using this product line brings a lot of benefits:

1. The product provides enough brightness, avoiding pinching eyes

With flexible control, capable of adjusting the light intensity to your liking, the anti-access desk lamp provides a suitable light source. 

Studies show that squinting often puts great pressure on the lens. In the long term, this will cause your eyesight to decline, vision to be more limited, more likely to cause nearsightedness or astigmatism.

2. Anti-glare lamp, enhance vision

Exposure to too bright light is also a cause of diseases such as aging, cataracts, eyelid cancer and skin around the eye area ...

So using anti-glare study lamp can also protect your "soul window" from the aforementioned risks.

3. Good control of headaches, difficulty concentrating

Quite a few people are surprised but the bright light is the culprit leading to dizziness, dizziness, headache. Research from Beth Israel Medical Center shows that neuronal replacement in the eyes and neurons in the brain control our mood.

Therefore, when you have to receive the bright light from the sun or the non-standard lamp, you can easily feel dizzy, nauseous, short of breath, not concentrate well. 

4. Inspiring, helping us to concentrate more easily

With beautiful design, the right colors, stylish style, ... beautiful desk lamp can also inspire users.

Criteria to choose to buy anti-access desk lamp need to know

Criteria to choose to buy anti-access desk lamp need to know

Criteria to choose to buy anti-access desk lamp need to know

Among the hundreds of desk lamp types available today, which new series has outstanding advantages and is worth using? If you are asking the same question, the following criteria may help you find the right product soon:

1. Define clearly the target users

Before buying a study table lamp, you need to identify the object to use. This helps us have a more satisfying experience. Specifically:

  • If you buy a small desk lamp for your child, you should pay attention to the style, style and color that suits your baby. So children get more excited every time at the desk. At the same time, do not forget to consider safety factors, away from the phenomenon of children being burned, jerking.

  • On the other hand, if you buy a table lamp for adults, used in the office, you should prioritize the luxurious design. The synchronization and mutual support in the common architecture system will create effects to make the space more delicate. This factor helps us to have more touch when using.

  • In addition, many people also intend to take advantage of the study lamp combined with the night light. Therefore, you should consider factors that can be controlled remotely to increase the convenience of use.

2. Determine the price 

Based on the price of anti-access Led desk lamp is also a good way. We can classify products according to the following 03 segments:

Cheap segment

From USD 7$ - USD 15$, you can own a cheap study table lamp. Products of this type often do not have the ability to adjust the light intensity.

At the same time, the device is also designed to be fixed, not capable of lifting / lowering / alternating, so it is only suitable if you need to use lights in a fixed position.

Economy / mid-range segment

Lamps priced from 15$ USD - 30 USD are now classified in the mid-range segment. Some types of brands Xiaomi or Tiross now stand out in the market.

Products possess beautiful design, many models and have the ability to adjust, flexible AC. 

High-end segment

Products with a price of over 30$ are classified as high-class desk lamp. This type possesses beautiful design, made from rust-proof alloy and modern materials.

The lamp is also capable of changing colors, anti-glare, anti-glare or equipped with music playback accessories, remote controls, ... Philips and Prism products from Europe and South Korea of this segment are preferred. both.

3. Attention to style

Attention to the design of the study table lamp is also very important. Therefore, you should hunt for products that have features such as:

  • The lamp has the ability to rotate 90 degrees or 180 degrees, 360 degrees flexible. Thus we have a satisfying experience, serving the process of reading better.

  • Products need to be capable of lifting and lifting to adjust the level of light accordingly. This is essential if you have a reading table in your bedroom. 

  • In addition, the color of the lights should be in sync with the layout space. This both increases the aesthetic and helps you to be more inspired. 

4. Pay attention to the capacity and power used

Pay attention to the capacity and power used

Pay attention to the capacity and power used

You note, for the mini table lamp line, the power from 5W to 9, 10W, the 220V power source can meet very good use needs.

On the other hand, we also avoid the phenomenon of eye strain because the light is too big.

5. Lamp life

The standard desk lamp from Led bulbs can meet the intensity of continuous use. Products with durability up to 20,000h easily. 

You should carefully search to avoid fake clones, reducing the life of the product.

6. Resistance to nearsightedness, vision protection

This is probably the most important factor when looking for an anti-access desk lamp. Therefore, you should note the following to get the superior equipment as expected:

  • In terms of brightness, lights should only have a maximum power of 5-10W to avoid glare, glare. For higher power light lines, we often have to squint our eyes too long, putting a lot of pressure on the lens.

  • Regarding the color rendering, also known as the CRI index, you should look for products with an honest index, ensuring sharpness. It is better to choose the lines with yellow light or white / blue light will be more reasonable.

  • In terms of safety, using genuine LEDs will help us avoid burns even when accidentally touched. This is very suitable when parents buy a desk lamp for their children.

7. Other features

In addition, you should prioritize products with many features that come with your liking. A lamp capable of timer on / off, the lamp can also play music or remote control, adjust the brightness intensity is also good suggestion should not be ignored.

8. Taking into account the ability to save and be environmentally friendly

Lastly, you should consider the possibility of saving electricity. In fact, standard Led bulbs are capable of saving up to 85% power.

Therefore, priority of this line you do not need to weigh too much on your electricity bill.

Top 24 table lamp

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1. Simple Designs Home LD1003-BLK Basic Metal Desk Lamp with Flexible Hose Neck, 4.92" x 4.92" x 11.81", Black


A nice, low-cost, and functional desk lamp to meet your basic lighting needs
Perfect for office, kids room, or college dorm. Painted metal shade and base
features a painted metal base and shade, flexible hose neck, and ON/OFF switch located on the base
Uses 1 x 60W Type A Medium Base Bulb (not included)
Dimensions: H: 13" Shade Diameter: 5"
A nice and functional desk lamp to meet your basic lighting needs.
This desk lamp features a painted metal base and shade, flexible hose neck, and ON/OFF switch located on the base for your convenience.
Perfect for office, kids room, or college dorm.
Uses 1 x 60W Type A Medium Base Bulb (not included)


Simple Designs LD1003-BLK Basic Metal Desk Lamp with Flexible Hose Neck, Black

2. HAITRAL Desk Lamp Wooden Industrial Table Lamp for Office, Bedroom, Living room


Perfect Size and Save Space The desktop lamp, 16.9"(H) x 5.9"(W), with 74 inches power cord allows you to place your lamp where you need it most
Simple Design The office lamp design with high-quality metal frame and wooden base provide a elegant feeling,perfect Rotaryswitch on the base, perfect for home decor and convenient to turn ON/OFF
Light Bulb ChoiceThe Bedroom lamp needs to use E26 Bulb(Bulb is not included),You can choose a warm white or cool white bulb yourself depending on the brightness you want
Home Decor and good giftsThe modern lamp offers a nice and comforting feeling in the house, nice decoration of your room and good partner to study, work, read,relax and sleep
Good Service 2 years warrantywithin 24 hours reply mail, please contact us if you have any problems


HAITRAL Industrial Desk Lamp
The minimalist design of industrial accents office desk lamp, combines a simple wooden base with curved metal arm for the perfect ensemble, perfect for office, college dorm, home or studio.
Great as a reading lamp, office lamp, work lamp, night lamp for any room!
Good advice: To get the complete industrial look, we recommend using an E26 decorative Edison or vintage bulb (not included).

Product Detail:
Input voltage: 110V
Switch Type: ON/OFF
Color: Black
Lamp Size: 16.9 x 5.9 inches
Bulb Wattage: Max 60W
Power Up State: US Plug
Material: Metal frame, Wooden base
Power cord length: 74 inches
Bulb needs:E26, Max 60 Watts(Not including bulb)

1 x Desk Lamp(bulb not include)

3. Yantop LED Desk Lamp, Eye-Caring Table Lamp, Dimmable Office Study Computer Desk Lamp, Touch Control, Memory Function, 3 Color Mode & 3 Brightness Light, Foldable LED Lamp for Reading, Working, Black


Touch Control,9 Customer IlluminationDesk lamp comes with sensitive touch control for 3 brighteness and 3 lighting mode adjustment.Short press the button to change 3 color modes between cool white and warm white.Memory function means that the brightness/lighting mode will remain when turned on next time.
Eye-Friendly 42 LED Source,Light up Your LifeEnergy efficient 42 LEDS include 14 white LEDS ,28 warm white LEDS.No flicker,no dizzy,no shadow,our desk light avoids eye strain caused by flickering and harsh glare effectively.Ideal for children,students,staffs.
Flexible Lamp Arm,Best Lighting AngleWith 180flexible arm and 90base axis,the lamp can be adjusted to your preferred angle.You can choose the best lighting angle to accommodate different requirements.And due to the non-slip mats inside the lamp holder and the bottom of the lamp holder, the lamp holder remains stable at the time of adjustment or when used.
Foldable and Portable Design Modern and simple design, folding lamp arm and lamp head make this lamp will not take up too much space for use. Lightweight and convenient to store, easy to place it in shelves, bags, suitcases and so on.
Super Long Lifespan The lamp beads have low attenuation, low power consumption, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection features. Designed to last for 40000 hours, reducing the hassle of frequent replacement.


Are you still worried about the flickering and glaring illumination? Are you still troubled by the inappropriate lighting and color temperature? This lamp will be an ideal choice and to meet your lighting needs.

Care of Your Eyes
The LED table lamp emits flicker-free, non-radiant, uniform and non-glare light, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue and protect your eyes.

Touch-Sensitive Control
The adjustment of lighting brightness and color temperature can be done with your finger on the touch-sensitive panel.

Handy Memory Function
This LED lamp will automatically restore the last used lighting color when restarted. No more repeated adjustment of the color temperature in the same using environment.

Power-saving Design
Adopting energy-saving LED light source, this desk lamp can effectively reduce power consumption compared with the traditional incandescent lamp.

Working Wattage:7W
Color Temperature: 2800-5500K
Brightness: 400lm(Max)
Adjustable Brightness:3 levels
Adapter Output: 5V/1A
LED Qty: 42 pcs
Working Time:40000 hours

Package Contents:
1 LED Desk Lamp
1 Power Adapter
1 USB Charging Cable
1 Cleaning Clothr
1 User Manua

4. COZOO USB Bedside Table & Desk Lamp with 3 USB Charging Ports and 2 Outlets Power Strip,Black Charger Base with White Fabric Shade, LED Light for Bedroom/Nightstand/Living Room


CONVENIENT DESK AND TABLE LAMP: The base of this decorative and unique desk and table bedside lamp contains 3 USB port and 2 outlets power strip so that you can charge your mobile phones, tablets, kindle readers, laptops, and other electronic devices. The USB port functions regardless of whether the lamp is on or off. It will look beautiful in any contemporary home or office.
MINIMALIST DESIGN-- COZOO nightstand lamp comes with sleek fabric shade and the Fireproof plastics power base, creating a warm and cozy feelings for your home. Perfect for end table,dinning table,coffee table, office, bedroom.This bedside desk lamp can be used with standard e26/e27 led bulbs(included 3w bulb).
CHARGE 3 DEVICES AT ONCE: This charging station stand can charge up to 3 devices (such as iPhone, Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, etc) simultaneous maintaining your devices,Smart Charging Technology to charge up to 5V/2.4A Max per port for a total of 6 Amps, and each port can automatically detect your device. This is the best charging companion for your Apple watch, iPhones and other USB devices.
2 STANDARD AC OUTLETS for your home and office, laptops, printers,blutooth speakers,Xbox one,PS4 and more
QUALITY Guaranty:Confidence in our products, we provide an 24 month warranty (we will replace new one to you instead of repair) that ensures you a total hassle-free purchasing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We stand by every customer and product all the time.


Unique Features:
While other lamps only offer a function of lighting,the COZOO lamp is equipped with 3 USB Charging hub and 2 AC outlets, providing easy Charge to your Devices.

Charge 3 & Desktop Organization
Charge multiple devices such as smart phones, tablets, headphones, Echo dot, kindle, external battery,power bank chargers without the clutter of cables and wires.

Fast Charging
4.0 amps output enables the power strip charge 3 devices including your tablets and smartphones simultaneously at full speed, save your time up to 50%. With the smart technology, it can automatically identify the type of device and deliver the suitable current for your device like the original power adapter.

2 AC Power Sockets
No need to bend over to find a charger. you can charge your macbook and computer on your desk and bedside.

- AC Rated Input: 110-240V , 50/60Hz
- AC Outelet Rated Output: AC 100-240V , 50/60Hz, 1250W
- USB Total Output: DC 5V 4.0A (max)
- Light Power: Max 60W
- Light Source: E26/E27 base (3w bulb included)
- Power Up State: US Plug
- AC Power Cord: 5Ft
- Switch Type: ON/OFF Switch
- Material: Fireproof Plastics and Linen

Charger Compatible:
- Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus,iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6 Plus, Se, 5, 5C, 5S, iPad Pro/Mini/Air
- Samsung Galaxy s8, S7, S6 Edge, S6, S5, S4, S3, Note 8 7 5 4, Tab
- Nexus 10 9 7 6 5, HTC,LG, Motorola, Blackberry, Kindle (Fire), Nintendo Switch,ZTE,HUAWEI, Android and more.

5. TaoTronics TT-DL037S Eye-caring LED Desk Lamp, Aluminum Alloy Table Lamp with 3 Color Modes, High CRI 92, Double-Light, Night Light, Philips EnabLED Licensing Program, Silver


Well-Balanced Duo Lighting: Ultra wide distribution of powerful illumination over an area of 744 Sq. In. / 0.48 m with a bright, focused main light and a blanket of ambient illumination
True Color rendering: a superior replacement for all incandescent and Halogen Lamps with a crisp of up to 92 under Painting mode; features a knob control for precision Dimming
Illumination uniformity: edge-lit LED panels deliver softer uniform light with reduced "blue light" effect to the space, which means no stroboscope effect and no headaches
Effortless positioning: keep your phone charged while working with the built-in USB port
Minimalist design: perfect for any modern styled setting, this LED desk lamp is expertly constructed in aluminum and beautifully finished in brushed satin


TaoTronics - Enhance Your Life
Move forward, find your possible, enhance your life with TaoTronics. We help people discover products that address lifes needs and inspire you to enhance your life. From home goods to gym essentials and audio accessories, move life forward with products designed to match your grit and speed.

Technical Specifications:
Operating Voltage: DC 12V / 1.5A
Power (for LED panel): 8.5W
USB Output: 5V/1A
Power Voltage: 100V-240V Full Range
Color Temperature 3100-5100K

What's In The Box:
1 x TaoTronics Desk Lamp (Model: TT-DL037S)
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Guide

6. Industrial Table Lamp, Vintage Night Stand Lamp, Minimalist Wood Desk Lamp for Bedroom, Living Room, Coffee Table, Office, College Dorm


INDUSTRIALIZED STYLISH DESIGN: This industrial design showcases a tubular metal body and wooden lamp base with an exposed bulb that creates the industrialized look. This Lerro reading lamp can offer a smooth, comforting and relaxed feeling to a house the second it is turned on.
BULB REQUIREMENTS: Bulb is not included in package. With an E26 sized screw base, you can choose any kind of E26 bulbs as you prefer. To get the complete industrial look,we suggest you using Edison bulb(60W MAX), This table lamp is compatible with a variety of incandescent, halogen bulbs, LED or energy saving bulb.
CONVENIENT & SPACE-SAVING FEATURES: This nightstand table lamp is compact and lightweight, easily portable and has a convenient on and off switch on its wood base. Non-slip rubber bottom prevents scuffing of surfaces.
GREAT GIFT IDEA & HOME DECORATION: The Classic Style to any room no matter what decoration style you like. The unique Classic style and size of this lamp make it the perfect bedside table lamp in bedroom, living room, coffee table, office, college dorm, working, bookcase or yoga studio lighting.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are always available to provide a professional customer service before and after your purchase. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied. Simply let us know and we will either replace it or refund your money. The best choice for you!


Why Lerro industrial lamp different from others?
-The industrial design perform classical and vintage style which can decorate any living room and bedroom and easily fit any kind of home style.
-The compact size is perfect for office desk, bedside table, accent table or atop of shelving unit.
-The 5.9 FT ultra long power cord provides you with plenty of display options. It can also be tucked within a drawer, in a desk cabinet or behind a table.
-UL certified guarantee the quality and the combi metal and wood material makes it easy to maintain and never becomes obsolete even after several years use.
-Trust us, The lamp is the best choice either for your own use or as a gift for housewarming and any celebrations.

- Voltage: 110V-130V
- Material: Wooden base, Metal Frame, non-slip mat at the bottom of the base
- Power Up state: US Plug
- Bulb Wattage: Max 60W
- Bulb Source: E26 Bulb (Bulb not included)
- Weight: 1.33lb (0.6kg)
- Style: Industrial/Classic/Simple

- Overall size: 5.5"L x 5.5"W x 16.9"H (13.9 x 13.9 x 42.9cm)
- Base size: 5.5"L x 5.5"W x 1.23"H (13.9 x 13.9 x 3.1cm)
- Cord length: 1.8m (5.9ft)

Kindly Reminder:
- The table lamp could support different kinds of light bulb, such as incandescent bulb, energy saving bulb and LED bulb.
- Please let the wood stand stay away from water.

7. Industrial Table Lamp, Vintage Nightstand Lamp with Dual USB Ports Antique Office Lamp Glass Shade Metal Desk Reading Lamp for Bedroom, Living Room, Dorm, 6W 2700K Dimmable LED Edison Bulb Included


DimensionHeight: 20.3in, base diameter: 7.1inch, Weight: 3.72Ib. Please read more size information on the second photo carefully before purchase. The dimmable table lamp can be used as bedside table lamp, reading lamp, office lamp, nightstand table lamp, dorm room lamp.
6W Dimmable LED Bulb IncludedThe industrial table lamp comes with a ST58 dimmable LED Vintage Bulb in the package. With a rotary switch on the base, the 2700K filament bulb can be adjusted to desired brightness, providing a glare free, non-flickering and natural lighting for reading, working and studying.
Integrated Dual USB PortOur side table lamp with USB ports can charge two devices, such as kindle readers, iPhone and tablets at the same time. The USB port functions regardless of whether the lamp is on or off. Note: If you charge two devices simultaneously, the total current of two charging ports is 2.1A.
Industrial DesignThe antique night stand lamp features a heavy-duty tubular metal body and base with clear glass shade for an added industrial look. Easy to attract guest's attention and perfect for living room, bedroom, loft apartment, coffee house, bar decor and den.
Ideal Gift ChoiceThe package includes everything, no other accessories needed. Definitely a great gift idea for your friends or family members. 60 days hassle free refund or replacement. 24 months warranty. We stand behind our retro table lamp and provide a professional customer service. Any issue, just feel free to contact us.

8. Touch Control Table Lamp, USB Desk Lamp, 3 Way Dimmable Modern Nightstand Lamp with Two USB Charging Ports for Bedroom, Living Room, Office, Dimmable Vintage 6W ST64 E26 LED Bulb Included


Excellent Dimmable Touch Control Pattern with 3 Stages: With 4 settings(Low, Medium, High, Off). Low setting light is perfect for nightstand mode; Medium setting light is suitable for daily use; High setting light is very bright for reading mode. Tap anywhere at the metal lamp base to dim the light level to meet your needs.
Advanced Desk Lamps with Two USB Charging Ports: Designed with 2 USB charging ports on the lamp base, convenient to charge your mobile phones, tablets, kindle readers and other electronic devices. These USB ports can be used whether the lamp is on or off.
Wide Application at Home or Work: Looks amid contemporary or industrial decoration, perfect for side table lamp, gives off comfortable room lighting to enlighten your bedroom, living room, den, nursery, meditation room, or office.
A Vintage Edison Dimmable ST64 E26 LED Bulb Included: Free and Super bright 800 Lumens bulb included, values $7, no flicker or dazzle on eyes, protects your family eyesight; 6W dimmable bulb 60W equivalent helps family save at least 90% energy bills.
Satisfactory Customer Service: 2 years warranty and trustworthy customer service will be provided. If any problems happen to the Table Lamps, please CONTACT US via Amazon message box or email us at [email protected] Replacement or refund will be available under warranty.

9. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, Eye-caring Table Lamps, Dimmable Office Lamp with 5V/2A USB Port, 5 Color Modes, Adjustable Brightness, Touch Control, Timer, Night Light


Gentle on the Eyes: Provides a flicker-free lighting with large luminous area for reading, working, or studying
Touch Controls & Memory Function: Effortlessly switch between 5 color modes (White, Cool White, Natural, Yellow, Warm Yellow) and different brightness levels. In addition, you can touch to control memory modes, timing and small night lamp
Modern Design: Features with high-quality fabric and metal structure, naturally fits with any type of decor
Convenient iSmart USB Charging: Recharge your devices via the built-in 5V/2A USB output; keep your smartphone or tablet within reach while charging
Multipurpose and Adjustable: Multi-joint arm for ultimate functionality; sleek, compact form for easy positioning in any environment


TaoTronics - Enhance Your Life Enjoy life to the fullest with TaoTronics.
From industry-leading LED lighting solutions to home goods and audio devices, we put users at the center of our decisions and design products that address lifes needs and help you make the most of your daily activities.

Technical Specifications:
Operation Voltage: DC 12V
USB Output: DC 5V / 2A
Power: 12W
Macular Temperature: 2700-3000K, 3000-3500K, 4000-4500K, 5000-5500K, 6000-6500K
Max Illumination: 1200Lux
Night Light Color Temperature: 2700-3000K
CRI: >90

Whats in the Box:
1 x TaoTronics Desk Lamp (Model: TT-DL056)
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x User Guide

10. Spiral LED Desk Lamp, Curved Table Lamp, Modern Minimalist Lighting Design, 24W Multiple Color Temperature LED Table Lamp, Modern Lamp for Living Room and Bedroom, White


DECORATION: Standing nearly 15.7 inches tall and 4.7 inches in diameter, it is not only a desk lamp but also modern furniture for living room or bedroom, perfect to palce it on adorns desk, shelf, stand and any furniture with its stylish design.
ENERGY-EFFICIENT: 24-watt built-in LED fixture, this modern shape led table lamp will save on your electric bill. It uses very low energy consumption and will never need any replacement.
3 DIFFERENT COLOR LIGHT TEMPERATURES: The vertical spiral table lamps can switch the light color between warm white, day white, warm yellow, Just click on/off to change the lighting effect. (Not dimmable)
PLUG & PLAY SIMPLY: There's virtually zero assembly required. Simply remove the packaging, plug the power adapter into an outlet, switch on, and you're good to go!
100% SATISFACTION AFTER-SALES SERVICE: Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we will work with you to resolve the issue. ATTENTION: Please read the bold attention in product description before you place an order.


Key Product Points:
- This Spiral LED Desk Lamp has 3 different light colors.
- An spiral over a small round base with a power button on the center of the power wire.
- It's great for reading, and perfect to palce it on adorns desk, shelf, stand and any furniture with its stylish design.

- Type: LED Table Lamp
- Style: Modern & Future
- Material: Aluminum & Silica gel
- Dimensions: 4.7 x 4.7 x 15.7 inches
- Power Supply: AC Powered-UL Listed Plug
- Switch Type: On/Off Switch
- Voltage: 100-240V
- Wattage: 24W
- Lamp Color: White
- Lighting Color: Warm White / Day White / Warm Yellow
- Weight: 560g

Package Included:
1 x LWD Spiral LED Table Lamp, Warm White Light (White)

Pay Attention:
- Because of the different camera shooting techniques, different monitor resolution or other factors, it may cause a little chromatic aberration between picture and object.

Satisfaction Guarantee:
- If you are not satisfied for any reason, Please "Contact Seller" directly. We aim to provide best services and promise to reply all emails in 24 hours. No hassles, no delays, and no unnecessary questions asked!

11. Alimentata Touch Control Bedside Table Lamp with 3 USB Charging Port and 2 AC Outlet,Minimalist LED Desk Night Light with Charger Base White Fabric Shade for Bed Room/Nightstand/Offic


Bulb Not Included
3 USB Ports&2 AC OutletsCharge your cellphone, tablet, laptop, digital camera and other USB device simultaneously, specialized design for bedroom and office. The USB port and AC outlet function regardless of whether the lamp is on or off.
MINIMALIST DESIGNAlimentata nightstand lamp comes with sleek fabric shade and the Fireproof plastics power base, creating a warm and cozy feelings for your home. Perfect for end table,dinning table,coffee table, bed,office, bedroom,guest room, den, nursery, meditation room.This bedside desk lamp can be used with standard e26/e27 led bulbs(bulb no included).
Safe GuardFire-resistant and hardened plastic outer shell for durability, no risk of wood flammable and metal leakage,build-in premium circuitry and microchip, ensure device safety.Multi-protection system shields everything from overload, short-circuits, over-current and other charging issues.
What You GetAlimentata Table Lamp / Power Strip / 3-Port USB Charger, 5ft / 1.5m detachable Power Cord , If there is any quality issue for this lamp or you are not happy with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Touch Control Lamp
The Alimentata Table Lamp with Touch switch is the perfect lamp by your bedside. Touching switch part of the base turns the lamp on or off. No more fishing for switch on the cord when you wake up or go to sleep for years to come! It emits a nice warm glow and would be a perfect addition to any bedroom nightstand, living room, or desk.

3 USB Charging Ports
The base of this bedside touch lamp contains 3 USB port, so you can charge your mobile phones, tablets, kindle readers, iPad, iPhone and other devices. The USB port functions regardless of whether the lamp is on or off.

2 AC Power Outlets
No need to bend over to find a charger anymore with the help of Dual AC Outlets. A great multi-functional bedside touch lamp in your home.

- AC Rated Input: 100-240V , 50/60Hz
- AC Outlet Rated Output: AC 100-240V , 50/60Hz, 1250W
- USB Total Output: DC 5V 4.0A (max)
- Light Power: Max 100W
- Light Source: E26/E27 base (bulb no included)
- Power Up State: US 3 Prong Plug
- AC Power Cord: 5Ft
- Switch Type: Touch Switch
- Material: Fireproof Plastics and Linen
- Item Size: 4.72 x 4.72 x 13.65 in
- Shade Size: 4.72 x 4.72 x 7.87 in

12. POPILION Elegant Decorative Chrome Living Room Bedside Crystal Table Lamp,Desk Lamp With Crystal Shade for Bedroom Living Room Coffee Table Bookcase


1.Design Style: Concise and elegant pure crystal lamp, natural fusion in any style scene
2.High Quality Raw Materials: Handpicked crystal,good light transmittance , throught a number of processes polished and refined
3.Security Certification:Our products have passed authentication of ETL safety system of USA
4.Size(Diameter,Hight):8",17", Input: AC 120V.
5.Simple assembly,Easy to install,Lamp Can be used with CFL, LED, Incandescent Medium base bulbs(not included)


"We Guarantee You Get The Item You Ordered Or Your Money Back."

- Mark,Chief Brand Director

Why buy from POPILION?

We use only the highest quality raw materials.

Our lamps are double tested.

1.Our lamps are tested twice during the manufacturing process.

2.Our lamps have passed authentication of ETL &UL safety system of USA.

3.Our lamps design to be soft, stable and non-flickering, the lighting is friendly on your eyes so you can enjoy what you're doing for longer.Not Just A Lightit will bring you a warm and quiet night,

Quality After-Sales Service

Unconditional return within 30 days, 3 years warranty

Target Market: US,Global

Style: Originality

Lamp Type: Originality

Range Of Use:Living room,bedroom,study,office,hotel


Features:No eye-harming glare.

Lamp Body:Metal

Lampshade: Crystal


N.W: 2kg


Package Contains: Lamp,UL plug ,instructions,E26 bulb base but bulb not included.There is an on/off switch in the cord

13. LEPOWER Desk Lamp, Eye-caring Touch Control LED Study Lamps, Dimmable Office Lamp, 3 Color Modes 5 Adjustable Brightness Levels Table Lamps for Bedroom and Office (8W Black)


EYE-PROTECTION: Portable eye protection LED desk light with the latest lighting technology, produces soft and flicker-free lighting, relieve visual fatigue, effectively protects your eyes when reading, working and studying.
DIMMABLE: Touch power key to turn on the light, Select from 3 color temperature modes-Reading, Relax, Sleep; 5 adjustable brightness levels for each mode.
ENERGY-SAVING: Environmentally friendly LED energy efficient technology, achieve the same level of illumination while saving up to 75% of energy compared to the traditional incandescent light bulbs.
ADJUSTABLE GOOSENECK : Unique curved, Classic Design, simple and lightweight. With a flexible goose neck lamp arm, which make it easy to carry. Perfect desk lights for office and bedroom.
PROMISE FROM LEPOWER: 90 days money back. 12 months warranty, we are fully guaranteed for its quality problem . please feel free to buy!


LEPOWER Energy Saving LED Desk Lamp is a part of LEPOWER's continuing pursuit for creating highly efficient and convenient products for our customers.
Beautiful and Classic shape design, it's not only a table lamp, but also a modern decoration for your bedroom and office.

Eyes Caring
Soft and non-flickering design, the lighting is friendly to your eyes, helping you avoid eye fatigue caused by flickering light and harsh glare.

Touch Control
Gently tap touch power switch to turn on/off the light and set the brightness level you like.

3 Color Temperature with 5 Adjustable Brightness
Touch control with 3 Color Temperature to choose from: White, Warm White and Natural White. Perfect for working ,reading and sleeping.

Energy Saving
Advanced LED Lighting Source, using energy efficient technology, high brightness but low power consumption, save up to 75% of energy. ensure a long lifespan.

- Item Dimensions: 6.1*5.5*23.6 inch
- Material: ABS+Silicon
-Wattage: 8W

Package contents:
- 1 x LEPOWER LED Desk Lamp
- 1 x AC adapter
- 1 x User Manual

12 months warranty, 3 months money back. We are fully guaranteed for its quality problem. If you have any question or requirement, please feel free to contact us !

14. LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, Black


4 lighting modes, 5 level brightness
USB charging port
Natural light protects eyes
1 hour auto-off
LED light bulb -25 years under normal use


LED desk lamp with 4 lighting modes, 5 level brightness, USB charging port, 1 hour auto-off. Natural light protects eyes.

15. Limelights LT2024-WHT Brushed Steel Lamp with Charging Outlet and Fabric Shade, White


Brush steel base with charging outlet
Fabric shade
Perfect for bedrooms, kids room, college dorm, nursery, or fun office
Shade diameter: 8.5X height: 19.5
Uses 1 x 60W type A medium base bulb (not included)
This fun and fashionable lamp features a brushed steel base and a fabric shade. It comes equipped with a 2 prong outlet seated in the base for use to charge mobile phones, handheld games, tablets, and other small electronics. This lamp will add a fabulous flair to any room. Perfect for bedrooms, kids and teens, college dorms, nurseries, or fun offices!
Brushed Steel base with Charging Outlet
Power Outlet on base for charging your Cell phone, iPod, iPhone, iPad
Shade Diameter: 8.5" x Height: 19.5"


Limelights LT2024-WHT Stick Lamp with Charging Outlet and Fabric Shade, White

16. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp Eye-caring Table Lamps, Dimmable Office Lamp with USB Charging Port, Touch Control, 5 Color Modes, White, 12W


Energy Efficient LED Desk Lamp that will reduce energy spending by 75%
Desk Lamp that is pleasant on the eyes with flicker-free lighting for reading, working, and studying
Lamp that is dimmable with 7 levels of brightness,Specs: 410 Lumen, Color temp: 2700-6000K, CRI: 90, Lifespan: 50, 000 hrs,Input: AC 100 - 240V
Modern design to naturally fit anywhere including office or bedroom.
Package contains: TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp (Model: TT-DL13), Power Adapter, User Manual, Cleaning Cloth


TaoTronics TT-DL13 Overview
Lamp head and body is made of premium alloy casing with anodized aluminum that gives better heat dissipation and a longer life. Modern design that will naturally fit your desk / room / furniture; rotatable arm and lamp head, made from durable plastic and aluminum alloy

Choose Your Mood
Touch control with 5 color modes (temperature) to choose from, dimmable with 11 level of brightness to suit your activities

Any Angle
No matter the angle you're after, the adjustable head can rotate 90 degrees left and right or 135 degrees up and down so you can shine a light on anything.

Not Just A Light
It's handy to have a charger in unexpected places. Plug in your eReader, tablet, or smartphone into the built-in USB port.

Eye Caring
Design to be soft, stable and non-flickering, the lighting is friendly on your eyes so you can enjoy what you're doing for longer.

Touch Controls
Slide your fingers along the touch pad to set the brightness level and the lighting mode of your choice. It's convenient and easier than flicking a light switch.

- Wattage: 12W
- Luminous flux: 410lm
- Body material: Plastic + Metal
- USB Charging Port: 5V/1A

Package contents:
- 1 x TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp (Model: TT-DL13)
- 1 x Power Adapter
- 1 x User Manual
- 1 x Cleaning Cloth

17. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, Flexible Gooseneck Table Lamp 7W, 5 Color Temperatures with 7 Brightness Levels, Touch Control, Memory Function


Eye-Friendly LED Panel: Enjoy a uniform flicker-free light beam that won't fatigue your eyes even after long hours of use, whether it is for work, studying, or simply reading
5 Lighting Modes and 7 Brightness Levels: Choose between 5 color modes and 7 levels of brightness for a total of 35 possible combos to best suits your activities.
Energy-Efficient LED Technology: Achieve the same level of illumination while saving up to 75 precent of energy compared to the traditional incandescent light bulbs.
Sleek and Elegant Build: Enjoy a universally beautiful construction that will easily fit in any environment, whether it is at work, in your personal study, or even on the bedside table
Flexible Gooseneck for Extra Usability: Easily adjust the lamp's gooseneck to orient the light beam exactly where it is necessary and get the most lighting throughout the day.


The TaoTronics TT-DL11 is a new generation of eco-friendly LED lighting for your home or office. As an LED it consumes 75% less power than traditional incandescent lights, while providing the same amount of light. This means a smaller electricity bill and a smaller carbon footprint.

Vision Care
LED provides uniform, flicker-free, and ghost-free lighting that is pleasant and comfortable for your eyes. Even after long hours of use, your eyes will feel less fatigued than with traditional types of lighting.

Adjustable Lighting
As a modern LED lamp, you can fine tune the brightness for your ideal illumination. Simply tap the control panel to turn the light on or off or slide it adjust the brightness with 7 different lighting levels.

Lite Design
The LED lamp is minimalist in design so it blends naturally on your desk, bedside table or study table. Made with a durable hard shell exterior and with a flexible gooseneck neck, you can adjust the light to the angle that is right for you.

What's In the Box:
1 x TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp (Model: TT-DL11)
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual

18. TW Lighting IVY-40BK The IVY LED Desk Lamp with USB Port, 3-Way Touch Switch, Black


Built-in USB outlet port phone & device charging; Extending, adjusting neck - great space saver; Cool stylish white modern contemporary design
3 level dimmer dimming from task to ambient light; Nichia high efficiency LED, best longest lasting; Save up to 65% energy -uses as little as 3 watts
Good for home, office, college dorm, school, hotel; Basic style for men, women, teens, kids, students; For computer or writing desk, bed side table; For homework, study, book reading, indirect light; Perfect for secretary, typist, editor, accountant and more
Perfect for charging iPhone & android smart cell phones, tablets, cameras, ipods & other USB devices; Awesome electric lamp with touch dimmable brightness, charging station + outlet, & swing arm-style neck
Energy star rated, UL listed, 12v plug-in power; 7 watts, up to 500 lumens 80+ CRI, 4000 Kelvin; USB cords not included, made in China; 14"D x 4.2"W x 16"H (extended); 76" 12V Power Cord


I like the smart convenience of charging my phone on the Ivy LED Desk Lamp with built-in USB port. This light from TW Lighting features a 3-level dimmer, an adjustable neck for a modern, space-saving design, and low wattage usage that saves energy while still powering the light up to 500 lumens.

19. tomons DL1001B Wood Swing Arm Desk/Designer Table Lamp, Reading Lights, Study/Work/Office/Bedside Nightstand Lamp, Black


Nature Wood Frame The body is made of solid wood, firm and chemical-free. The cable is covered with nylon, stronger and more flexible
Modern Style Classic Solid wood meets iron, simple and classic style
Portable & Light-weight Easy to use and store. The lamp is adjustable. You can adjust the angle and height as you wish. With the separable design, it can be stored in a small space
Specification 110-240V power, E26 light bulb, Screw socket
Tips Bulb is not included in the package. To avoid overheating, please use LED bulb 4W-6W/energy saving bulb 8W-11W/incandescent bulb 15W-25W (40W MAX)


Versatile applications May it be as a light source for your desk or as reading lamp on your nightstand the Tomons desk lamp does not simply provide illumination, but features a modern and timeless design as well. The lamp improves your home environment, while being a functional desk lamp for your office environment at the same time. "Scandinavian" design simple and sleek The exciting mix of metal and wood results in a unique design and delivers a finishing touch to your room's decoration. The exposed cable design, the arms made of lightly colored wood and the lamp shade corresponding with the pedestal play together in an interesting manner. To emphasize your individuality, you can choose between three color types. Pleasing to the eye The Tomons reading lamp was specifically designed for an optimized and above all healthy reading experience. Long and comfortable working and reading sessions are now possible, simply by flexibly adjusting the joints of the lamp exhausted and aching eyes are now a thing of the past. Premium quality materials To protect the environment, the materials chosen for producing the Tomons reading lamp are highly durable and of choice quality, therefore enabling you to enjoy the lamp for a long time. Note: To avoid overheating, please use LED bulb 4W-6W/energy saving bulb 8W-11W/incandescent bulb 15W-25W (40W MAX).

20. LED Desk Lamp, TaoTronics Stylish Metal Table Lamps, Office Light with USB Charging Port, 5 Color Modes, 6 Brightness Levels, Memory/ Favorite Function, Timer, Night light


New and True for Years Desk Lamp LED: Durable full metal body and multi-angle adjustable head and arm
More Colors: More Light: 5 color modes and 6 brightness levels up to 1200 lux for the desk lamp with usb
Easy on Your Eyes: Light guide panel transmits light sideways for glare-free illumination
Multiple Functions: Memory function, 60-minute timer, night light, office desk lamp , bedroom desk lamp, and a 5V/2A iSmart USB port
Your Favorite Light: Press a single button to set and activate your favorite color / brightness setting


The TaoTronics Multi-function LED Desk Lamp lets you select from 5 light modes and 6 levels of brightness for the perfect lighting. With a full metal body and high quality LED light can also be an art-piece on your desk, whether it's on or off.

Metallic and Flexible
The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp features a full metal, streamlined, and minimalistic design - a classy addition to your home and office. A multi-directional adjustable lamp head and arm bring the right light to you with a simple flip.

The Brightest
5 color modes and 6 brightness levels to adjust to your eyes on different occasions. The light reaches up to 1200 lux under 15.8 in / 40 cm of height in 6000-6500K , making it the brightest light on the market.

Eye Health First
Special acrylic light guide panel reflects the light to the side for the most eye-friendly glare-free illumination. Aluminum heat sink quickly dissipates the heat allowing longer lifespan and consistent lighting.

With its memory function, the LED lamp can automatically return to a previous setting. You can also set your favorite light / brightness setting as well as a 60-minute timer. Additionally, it has a convenient night light and a 5V / 2A iSmart USB charging port.

5 Color Temperatures
5 color temperatures include: 2700-3000K warm white, 3000-3500K soft white, 4000-4500K natural light, 5000-5500K daylight, and 6000-6500K cool white light.

Whats in the Box:
1 x TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp (Model: TT-DL16)
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x User Guide I want to keep the title as LED Desk Lamp, TaoTronics Stylish Metal Table Lamps for Office Lighting( USB Charging Port, 5 Color Modes x 6 Dimable Levels, Memory / Favorite Function, 60-Minute Timer, Night light )

21. Simple Designs Home LD1036-BLK Bronson Antique Style Industrial Iron Lantern Desk Lamp with Glass Shade, Black


Matte Black finish
Clear glass shade
Convenient on/off cord switch
Product measures L: 7.50 inch x w: 5.88 x H: 18.75 inch
Uses 1 x 40W Type a medium base bulb (not included)


The sophistication of industrial accents gleams in this beautifully crafted iron desk lamp. The humble design combines a simple base with curved arm and a clear glass shade for the perfect ensemble. Place on a desk or bedside table for a modest, refined look in fashion lighting. **Helpful tip: to get the complete industrial look, we recommend using a decorative Edison/vintage bulb (not included). **.

22. LED Desk Lamp Fugetek FT-L798, Exclusive Model with Recessed LEDs, 5-Level Dimmer, Touch Control Panel, 1-Hour Auto Timer, 5V/1A USB Charging Port - Jet Black (Black)


- Fugetek Exclusive: LOW PROFILE RECESSED LEDs. We are the only company that offers patented recessed LED's on this design of lamp. The competition has visible LED's that are hard on the eyes.
- LONGEST LIFE LED: Our Lamp Uses A LED Bulb That Will Last For 25 Years Under Normal Use. UL Certified Power Adapter. Economical, Reliable, & Energey Efficient. Power Consumption At 14W.
- MULTI BRIGHTNESS & MODE LIGHTING: Lots Of Lighting Options, For Different Lighting Needs. Offers 4 Different Lighting Modes & 5 Levels Of Brightness. Touch Sensitive Dimmer. 530 Lumens. EASY ON THE EYES: Provides Simulated Natural Light, Does Not Flicker, Low Stress On Eyes After Extended Use. Great For Working, Reading Or Studying. Home Or Office.
- SMART PHONE CHARGING & TIMER FEATURES: Ability To Charge Smart Phone With USB Charging Port. Turn Light Off Automatically With 1 Hour Auto-Off Timer. * Charge Smart Phone While Using Light. Only For Devices That Are 5V, 1-1.5A. Not For Charging Tablets. *Unit Uses AC Adapter For Power. Not Wireless.
- SLEEK & SPACE SAVING DESIGN: 15" High Modern Simple Design, Yet Great Looking. Can Be Used Anywhere Space Is An issue, But Quality Light Is Needed. Ability To Fold And Put Away For Easy Storage.


Fugetek Exclusive: Only Model With Recessed LED Design on Amazon

The Fugetek LED Desk Lamp Provides Multi-Brightness Lighting For Home Or Office, In A Sleek Design.

Have great lighting for work, reading, or studying. Works perfect on a desk, table, or nightstand. With 4 different modes of lighting, the ability to produce the perfect amount of light is at your fingertips.
Using a energy saving LED Bulb as the lighting source, The LED can last up to 25 years without replacement.The Fugetek LED Desk Lamp is energy efficient and lowers your electricity bill !

Check Out These Features!

- MULTI BRIGHTNESS & MODE LIGHTING: Lots Of Lighting Options, For Different Lighting Needs. Offers 4 Different Lighting Modes & 5 Levels Of Brightness. Touch Sensitive Dimmer.
- LONGEST LIFE LED: Our Lamp Uses A LED Bulb That Will Last For 25 Years Under Normal Use. Economical, Reliable, & Energey Efficient. Rated At 14W.
- EASY ON THE EYES: Provides Simulated Natural Light, Does Not Flicker, Low Stress On Eyes After Extended Use. Great For Working, Reading Or Studying. Home Or Office.
- SMART PHONE CHARGING & TIMER FEATURES: Ability To Charge Smart Phone With USB Charging Port. Turn Light Off Automatically With 1 Hour Auto-Off Timer.
- SLEEK & SPACE SAVING DESIGN: 15" High Modern Simple Design, Yet Great Looking. Can Be Used Anywhere Space Is An issue, But Quality Light Is Needed. Ability To Fold And Put Away For Easy Storage.

23. Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp, Interchangeable Base Or Clamp, Classic Architect Clip On Table Lamp, Multi-Joint, Adjustable Arm, Black Finish


2-IN-1: Either stand on its own or clamp on a table, adjustable c-clamp for mounting onto any surface up to 2" wide whether it is vertical or horizontal, allows for versatile usage in office, bedroom, college, studio, etc.
FLEXIBILITY: Lamp base and shade can be rotated almost to any angle, flexible spring-balanced adjusted arm extend up to 18" in height, thus provide a large lighting area in any position you need
PREMIUM QUALITY: Solid metal and black finish for swing arm and lamp shade which is durable and exquisite, lamp stands firmly with weighted base, UL-listed power plug for safer operation
USER-FRIENDLY: Slim shape takes up minimal space, a 51" long cable and easy on/off rocker switch facilitates your everyday use
BULB REPLACED: Fit for E26/E27 base and maximum 40W bulb (sold separately). Please search: B01M2YTLEN for the best match. The lamp comes with 12 months warranty and lifetime friendly customer service.


Extremely Flexible

It is a magical desk lamp which definitely illuminates anywhere you desire by easily swinging up and down its arm and turning around
its lamp shade. Even more incredible is that it is able to stand on a table as well as clamp on a desk, shelf, or headboard. Its user-friendly
design is going to add lots of convenience and joy to your life.

Premium Quality

With solid metal lamp body as well as high intensity ABS plastic c-clamp, our desk lamp ensures you consistent and reliable quality.
All joints of the lamp work smoothly. Weighted lamp base avoids tripping over.


Comes with 12 months product warranty for customer's rights and benefits, satisfaction guarantee.

Our mission

In TORCHSTAR, our goal is to provide quality energy-saving lighting products for our customers with affordable price. With the expertise
in the LED technology, our product not only superior in performance but also make your lighting experience more enjoyable and
comfortable anytime, anywhere.


Voltage: 120V
Maximum wattage: 40W
Base: E26/E27
Maximum opening of clamp: 2inch (50mm)
Cable length: 51 inches
Item weight: 2.9 pounds
Color: Black

24. LumiCharge LED Smart Adjustable Desk Lamp and Universal Phone Charging Dock - Wireless Charger, Touch Control 3 Light Hues, 10 Brightness Levels, Motion Light and Clock with LED Display


MULTIFUNCTIONAL LED LAMP: Not only is this a functional LED desk lamp, but it's also a convenient place to charge your phone, making this an all-in-one workstation! It contains a universal charging dock and 10W WIRELESS CHARGER, so no matter what type of cell phone you have, you can charge it with ease! This smart LED desk lamp can also be adjusted for optimal directional lighting.
INNOVATIVE FEATURE UPGRADES 2.0: This lamp version 2.0 has unique smart features, including our new 10W WIRELESS CHARGER! It's LED lighting system contains 3 different hues and 10 levels of brightness, ensuring that you have the lighting that you need for any setting. Its built-in motion sensor turns night light ON when you enter a dark room, ensuring that you don't run into anything while in the dark. The smart LED display conveniently shows you the time, date, day of the week, and temperature
A LIGHT FOR EVERYONE: Whether you are a student, business owner, or simply someone who likes to read before going to bed, you'll appreciate all that this lamp has to offer! It functions as a night light, reading desk lamp, or general area lamp. The dimmable LED lighting allows you to choose the perfect brightness level, whether that be for reading, homework, or general lighting.
HOME & OFFICE DECOR: Boasting modernity, sophistication, and an overall minimalistic presence, this lamp will add a stylish touch to your space, whether that be your home office, bedroom, or living room. This lamp is available in black, white, and silver to ensure that you definitely have the color that you need to match your space!
LUMICHARGE GUARANTEE: We are dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality products and service. Happy customers are our number one priority! We strive to be the best in the industry, and first in innovative designs.


LED Light with built in Universal Cell Phone Charger. Motion Sensor light, Date/Time/Calendar/Alarm/Timer. 1 USB ports on the side. Touch Sensitive light controls. Charge and Dock any phone in the market, Iphone,Samsung, Huawei,HTC,Nokia,E-Reader, Nook, Kindle and more. Unique patented connector wheel/dial.